20 Random Things

Some of you have read most of these (I changed a few of them) but I thought it would make a good post on my new blog too...blogging is so fun!

1. I love American Idol and watch it faithfully. In fact, I left my daughter's religious education class as soon as I could to get home in time to watch.

2. Some day I'd like to have a Doctorate in Theology and teach Christianity 101 at some Catholic or other college.

3. I saw Pope John Paul II in Denver in 1993 and again in 1997 in Rome. As old as he was, he still captivated and humbled the crowd.

4. Some days I stay in my jammies until after 1PM

5. I lost touch with my best friend from the 8th grade. A few years ago she died and I still can cry thinking of her. Now I try to cherish all the friends I have in each part of my life. Each of them have a part of my soul.

6. I rarely shave my legs and have only had one pedicure in my life.

7. My mom is a member of a Native American Indian Tribe and I am 1/8 Native. I love pow wows!

8. I was the first kid I knew in the 5th grade to curl, color and perm my hair (thanks to my sister who is a hair stylist) I still suffer terribly if I have a bad haircut and will fork out more money that I ought to get one.

9. I LOVE Van Gogh and no matter how hard I try to love other artists, he is always remains my favorite.

10. If there is a bag of chips near me, I cannot resist the urge to eat them and eat too many of them. I seriously think I could be addicted to chips.

11. When I was a child I spent a lot of time alone. My mom was there but in her own world. I would take things out of closets or cupboards and look at them and then put them all back. Maybe that's how I come to like to organize things. And maybe that's why I always have a nagging fear of being lonely...

12. As a child I really tried to love horses like my sister and a lot of my friends. I spent hours with our horse, Misty, and her foal, Jacob. In the end, I felt nothinig special for them.

13. Often my ideas get so big I am paralyzed by them and do nothing (including getting my house organized, or my meals planned, or my garden started, or exercising, or...should I go on?).

14. In high school I guess I came off as flighty and silly and was voted "most gullilble" my senior year. I was a little hurt, but knew my close friends understood who I really was.

15. I don't love being a stay-at-home mom, I endure it. However, I am trying very hard to live in the moment and enjoy what I have now because one day, my girls will be out of the house and I know I will miss this time. Even when there are days I want to run out the door and away from this life, I can't think of anything I'd rather be doing.

16. I am very honest and run away from dishonesty. I am also repelled by manipulation of any kind and try to avoid it at all costs. I've even been known to confront people who lie or manipulate but as I've gotten older I've learned to stay quiet. It's not my problem.

17. Right now the only music I like to listen to is The Killers and I think their lead singer, Brandon Flowers, is hot! My husband (he was obsessed with this band before I was) has our computer background set as Brandon Flowers walking off the stage at a concert and I stare at it a lot as I'm waiting for our computer to load. He has wide hands.

18. My favorite job was a school secretary even though it did not require the degree that I had and found myself wanting to remind everyone that I was educated and so they didn't have to talk down to me.

19. When I lived in Italy during my junior year of college, I traveled to a different country almost every weekend. It was a blast!

20. I took up mountain biking when I just out of college and loved it. However, since I've been married, I have not gone once.


  1. Holly,

    I love your 20 random things and it shows what a unique, special person you are. I am so glad to be back in touch with you! We are into the new house, survived the crazy move, and I will update you very soon on facebook! We have a blog too- it's fowlesflock.blogspot.com. I also understand the bit about being a stay-at-home mom. There is nothing I would rather do because I know my kids need me and that this is the most important thing I can be doing right now. BUT tha doesn't stop me from having my moments of total frustration, or feeling invalidated. etc. Especially the house is a mess, the kids are going crazy and dinner's not ready! It can get very tiresome. Also, your junior year in Italy sounds amazing. I have been to Italy once and out of all the places I have travelled to that is my very favorite. I will write more on fb soon...

  2. I think we're all there sometimes, esp. when our kids are little. They will get bigger, and things get more interesting. Let me tell you, after working 40 hours a week in daycare with three kids, and all of us in separate classrooms, and finding that my net pay was about $500/mo. I am completely cured of wishing for work. I'm working on becoming a domestic goddess now. God did that to me on purpose, I think. He likes to paint me into corners to get my attention. That said, I've fantisized about running out the door, too. But not in a long time. The kids got older.


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