Doors and Choices

My husband has been installing new interior doors. It is so amazing to see the difference. More and more our home is feeling like a cottage. We have even discussed a white picket fence instead of the ugly chain link we have now :).
One of our old doors...

One of our new doors!
~With all these doors floating around our home, I have been thinking about doors and life. ~
When I was a child, my parents opened doors and closed doors for me. Each door that they opened led me into certain rooms and experiences that have shaped my life and my own choices. My parents were in contol and made the decisions about which door was an acceptable one to open according to their values. For instance, they opened the door to my Catholic faith. Later, there were teachers, youth ministers, coaches, and even friends who helped me to open new doors.
Eventually, I had to start opening my own doors and make my own decisions about those doors worth opening and those I should avoid. The possibilities were so exciting and scary but seemingly unending. I chose to walk through the door that got me through college and then to my first job and new towns and people. Finally, I opened the door to marriage and children. As I made my choices as to what doors I would open, other doors were left unopened and will always remain unopened. The doors available for me to open now are fewer and farther between. And now I have a husband and children to consider when opening new doors.
Instead of focusing so much on the doors of my own life, I now think more about the doors that I will open and close for my children. What experiences, friends, or TV programs am I going to allow and not allow? I hope, with God's help and the help of family and friends, that I open the right doors for them. When they begin opening their own doors, I hope I will have led them to a good place where they will be able to make sound decisions. I want them to have enough experience to know to choose pretty white doors (like our new ones) that lead them to hope and light and not dirty doors full of holes (like our old ones) that lead them to despair and darkness.
Whatever happened to the dreams of my youth?
I'm living them now and dreaming of my youth.
(a quote by me!!)


  1. Heather YardleyFebruary 01, 2009

    Wow, it is interesting how our worlds can overlap without us knowing it! I have been studying personality tests in my current masters class on organizational change and similar discussions I have been having with myself about choices and opportunities arising from whom I have become and what my parents allowed growing up. All of these choices and now, as you state, newer decisions to make about faith, family, and our children futures, they all affect these "doors" thatn can open or remain closed, which should be opened, cracked, or locked....the choices are many and take reflection and prayer. Great reflections!

  2. AnonymousMay 04, 2009

    Dear Holly,
    Your thoughts on opening and closing doors in one's life is so true. As parents we have to be careful while at the the same time not to be too controlling. Love the pic. of Little Bear. M.


Thanks for the comment. I really appreciate it!