I have a pretty dirty kitchen floor. The last thing I want to do is mop. I try to keep the crumbs at bay, but even that slides more often than not. I wear slippers in the house so what does it really matter? This is what I thought until the other day. We had company. I figured no one would really notice that the floor had been neglected. However, we do have new carpet and so our guests politely removed their shoes at the door. I remember looking down at my friend's bare feet while standing in the kitchen and felt horrified. I couldn't hide the crumbs from bare feet! That's like trying to hide dust from the white glove test. Just the presence of another person on my floor in bare feet reminded me that there are a lot of crumbs and sticky spots I ought to attend to. Imganine if she had looked in my closet, under my bed or behind the toilet?

It made me wonder, what if Jesus came into the home of my heart? What have I been neglecting? What would he see crammed in the closet or under the bed? What things have I failed to clean up in my soul? And further, how would he react?.....I don't think he'd say anything. He'd be polite just like my friend. However, I would feel embarrassed and and probably even ashamed. But, as it is with Jesus, I know I could just say, "ummm, I'm sorry about this mess. In fact, I can't believe I have neglected it for so long. But now, I'm totally overwhelmbed by it." Then he would ask me if I'd like his help to clean up, wait for me to show him wear the mop is, then roll up his sleeves and get to work by my side.

With that being said, I don't plan to start mopping my real kitchen floor any more often. In fact, I might just buy slippers for guests to wear in order to avoid it. I'm sure I can find much better things to do. But I probably should try, with Jesus' help, to start attending to the neglect in my heart.


  1. I'd comment on this but I don't know if they're going through, if so let me know. I'm still following and enjoying. The dirty floor strikes home for me. Good writing.

  2. Beautiful, Holly! I was just telling my DH (Dear Husband) that this is "vintage Holly" in that you have a knack for connecting spirituality to everyday life. This is rich stuff! (Plus, I completely identify with the housecleaning neglect and the need to peer into the nooks and crannies of my soul.) Anyhow, it resonates with me that Jesus would lovingly help clean up rather than judgmentally condemn.


Thanks for the comment. I really appreciate it!