Sweet Connection

Since I've started this blog, many have responded to what I have to say in such a positive way that I've been really surprised, humbled and encouraged. I've been called "brave" and some friends have said they can't believe how honest I'm being. In keeping with that honesty, I must admit it is scary. I've found myself thinking, "wait a minute, I didn't mean to just send that link to that person". He's not going to understand and may get offended. But, as I said in my profile and title, people who read this can take what means something and toss what does not. I don't feel like my thoughts and my faith are absolute. My journey of faith is not complete because I believe a certain way. I still have a lot of growing to do.

I have chosen to believe in the Catholic way and it's hard sometimes to keep it contained because it means the world to me. Quite often, I find myself holding back because I worry someone might think I'm crazy or worse, stupid. Then I think of many people I talk with who will preface some of their comments to me with, "you'll probably think this is crazy" or "I hope I don't offend you when I say..." I think we may all have things inside of us we long to share, but fear the response. In the end, what does it really matter? So what if someone hates what I have to say? Is rejection really the worst thing in the world? If I never speak honestly, if I never share what is in my heart, I may never taste rejection, but I won't taste the sweet connection with another either. And that's when I am the most alive. So, that's why I write and bare my soul...to connect. So far, it has been extraordinary and this is only my 5th post.

If, for some reason, you'd like to comment but are afraid of what someone might think, I totally understand. That whole rejection thing can be daunting. :) I read your comments before they are published so you can just tell me in your comment that you would not like me to publish it and I won't. Like I said, this is one way for me to connect and your response makes my day!

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