What kind of animal are you?

Here is another post from January (the month I began blogging). I chuckle whenever I think of myself as an animal. :)

Have you ever tried to describe your personality to anyone by using the personality of an animal? I have! Now, there are many sides to my personality, as there is with any person, so this is, of course, a very limited description.

I would desribe myself as a yellow lab. Most of the time I love life and love people. I rush happily to the phone when it rings and dash to the door if we have visitors. If I really were a lab, I would probably jump up on people and lick their faces. I'd say I'm a pretty loving person with good intentions most of the time. However, like a lab, I often don't realize when my good intentions have gone bad. I'll turn around and see that my tail has knocked something over or that I left dirty paw prints on the white couch.
If I could be another kind of animal, I'd be a cat. I know a lot of cats. Cats can sit up high on a shelf without disturbing the fine china. They are mysterious and observant. Cats can be sweet and cuddly, but they always are in control. I am so intrigued with these "cat" people. Imagine all the messes in my life I could have avoided if I acted more cautiously and been in control of my exuberance like a cat instead of a yellow lab?

Sadly though, if I were a "cat" person, I'd miss my joy and I think others would too. I'm not saying cats can't have joy, but not in the same slobbery, unsophisticated way a lab does. I know I've spent too much of my life trying to be like other people or lamenting that I don't have the gifts that someone else does. I've tried to reshape my personility instead of embracing it. So, for today, I'm happy to be a clumbsy but loving yellow lab. God has made me this way for a reason.

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  1. Your post got me thinking pretty hard on this. If I were an animal what would I be? There's a writing a assignment if I've heard one. I don't know what animal resembles me, but I'd like to be a bird, not yet decided which. There up with the sun (which I never am), which mornings are beautiful. But more so, they get to look down on the world, which is a view we seldom get. They get to watch when people don't know their being observed. They get the chance to see a person for who he/she is. I like that idea.


Thanks for the comment. I really appreciate it!