The Art of Life

I love Van Gogh. I don’t think that’s a secret. I went to the Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam and since then I’ve been in love with his art. The paint on his art is so thick and chunky. Prints do them no justice. Amazingly, he’d finish a painting in one day! The colors he used are so vibrant and cheery, yet there is a dark, earthiness to them as well. He was a pretty intense guy. You know the story where he sent his ear to his girlfriend….a little bit crazy I’d say. His personal story makes his work even more amazing to me. I’m always so intrigued by artists and their battle with their own demons. I have a theory that a true artist is not afraid to face his demons. He feels the lows and lives in the depths of his despair. Out of those intensely dark times comes the most amazing art. What if we could quit pretending that life isn’t hard and quit wishing that it would get easier? If only we could accept the darkness as a part of life. Only with this acceptance would we see life as it is and find, in the end, it is amazing and beautiful.

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