Healing Wounds

The other day I cut my finger with my kitchen scissors. I didn't have to get stitches, but it was deep enough to take some time to heal. The healing is taking longer than I expected. With a band aide, my skin can't breathe. Then when I take the band aide off, the cut catches on things and that irritates it and delays the healing process even more. Basically, I'm just having to be careful with it until it heals completely.

When I've been hurt by someone or some situation, it's kind of like this cut on my finger. First of all, I need to recognize that I have been wounded and take measures to care for it. I then need to realize that things don't just heal because I put a band aide on them. In fact, the band aide can even slow things down. I also can't just leave the wound uncovered and let it be irritated over and over. Just like the cut on my finger, all I can do is be gentle with the things that hurt me. I have to give myself time. I know that Jesus is doing the healing and so I need to be patient and careful with myself during the process. I must gently tend to the wound.

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