Lent is coming soon?!

Just over a week from today and Lent begins. Ash Wednesday is the 25th! It seems to have come so fast. While I had a couple free moments I jotted down some ideas for things our family could do for Lent. 40 days is a long time to keep anything up so I think this year I may have us do something different for each week.

Here are some ideas I had today:

1. Buy some purple cloth and purple candles for our prayer shelf and our dining room table.
2. Find our Children's Stations of the Cross and plan to pray it together as a family once a week.
3. Have each of us come up with things to do personally and write them on index cards (one thing for each week)
4. Turn off the lights at 3PM on Fridays to remember Christ on the cross. We'll leave them off until the next morning so we are going to have to buy candles, flashlights, and lanterns for those nights.
5. Go to Stations of the Cross and the soup supper at the church at least a couple times during Lent.
6. During the first few days of Holy Week, do some "Spring Cleaning" to prepare for Easter. I want to do stuff like vacuum under the beds and clean out old toys and clothes.

I hope that some of these ideas help to make Lent a time of reflection and prayer for our family while we prepare for Easter. Maybe for Easter I will put up those new drapes I've been wanting in our Living Room and Dining Room. I really would like Easter to feel special this year.


  1. I really like the idea of turning off the lights at 3pm! I always use Lent as a time to clean, too!

  2. There's nothing like Lent for stripping away anything that prevents us from fully turning ourselves over to Christ. The very word means "springtime," when nature imitates its Creator as all that appears dead returns to new life.

  3. I didn't realize that Lent means "springtime." As you may have read, Spring is not my favorite time of year because of the waiting for summer and having to "reform" my way of living (from sluggish to active). That's how Lent is for us spiritually. Cool!


Thanks for the comment. I really appreciate it!