My Creative Side

My mom was telling me a while back that in order to be happy we need to take the time to tend to our creativity. She realized that her creativity was tended to while rearranging furniture and decorating her home. Some people are super crafty, others like to garden. Lots of people I know seem to really enjoy cooking (I’m trying to figure that one out because to me it is a chore). I write! It’s what I love to do. Now that I have this blog, my creative side is feeling very happy!

What is your creative outlet?
Have you been tending to it?
PS- I love blogging! This is my 18th post and so far it has been so fun. I feel like I finally have a place to put all the “agates” tumbling around in my head. So, for those of you who have been reading, thank you for taking the time. And feel free to pass my blog along if you know someone who might enjoy it.

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