Tea of the Heart

Today I went to a fundraiser that raises money and awareness for people in need in our county. It was called a Tea of the Heart. Basically the money raised went to three organizations in our county: Habitat for Humanity, a shelter for abused women, housing for homeless families.
I went to this same fundraiser last year. The women who put it on (mostly from my church) are very generous with their time, energy and talents. They spent six months putting this High Tea together. There was some beautiful door prizes and raffles. We could win things like tea cups, a gorgeous quilt, inspired artwork and even some cleverly painted doors.
The best part of all was the tea itslef. MMMMM it was delicious and filling....
First was the sorbet to clear our palet!

Next came the itty, bitty sandwiches:
cumcumber (of course) tuna with capers, egg salad on heart shaped bread (nice touch)

Bite sized quiche, a meatball of some sort and, celary with a cream cheese spread and a pecan...by this point I was already getting full...

Darn....I didn't get a picture of the best part. Probably because I was enjoying it soooooo much. Scones with jam and clotted cream..yummy, yummy, yummy!


Fruit with coconut sprinkled on it...

Last, but not least,...

(I only ate the chocolate one. The other two were good too, but by that point I could only eat what really, really, tasted good to me. Never underestimate finger food!)

In the future, post baby years, I hope to be more involved in helping in these types of events. There is such a need in every community, it seems. Especially now with the economy the way it's going. At this point in my life, taking care of my little girls is my priority. I am happy, however, to take a little time and give my money to a group of people and organizations that are working in the trenches to make the way a little easier, for someone else. May God bless them and all who are helped through this event.

I have found the paradox, if you love until it hurts there is no longer hurt, only love.

~Mother Teresa

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