Watching Wall-E

Every Friday night we have pizza and a movie. It makes at least one day for planning dinner easy. I have found that pita bread makes wonderful pizza crust (if you live near me I'll tell you where to get the best, fresh, frozen pita bread!). After dinner clean up, my girls get in their jammies and we pull the couch closer to the TV and turn out all the lights. I make popcorn and we enjoy the show.

Last night we watched Wall-E. I was not expecting anything great. I thought it would be a boy type movie. I cannot believe how much I liked it. It was actually quite serious and suspensful. The crazy thing is that my kids loved it too. I'm sure I'm the last one to figure this out, but it could be an alagory of our salvation story. A little robot who saves humanity by shaking things up a bit. I was especially struck by all the chubby humans living together but never really touching or communicating in reality. This whole internet thing is great, but I need to be careful not to let it be my biggest source of "interaction."

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  1. We are big fans of Wall-E too. All the Pixar movies have more "meat" to them. I especially love the Peter Gabriel song at the end, and the idea of getting in touch with the ground. I must post pics soon of how much progress I and my friend Eileen have made on the yard. It's a freedom garden! Freedom from bills, that is.


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