Cabin Fever

I am back from my trip to the cabin in the snow. This weekend I was living my dream.

As you can see, the view just outside the front door was amazing. There was enough snow to make a sled run for the kids. Families were out in force with their tiny tots on cross country skis and snow shoes. I was even able to go snow shoeing for about an hour out into the woods.

Not everything was wonderful out there in the wilderness. Of course, we had sleeping problems with the kids and my eldest ended up with a fever. Even with the fever, she was out playing in the snow for most of the day. I could not bare to take her away from the fresh air and activity. (She slept almost the entire way home and we are still fighting the fever.)

These kind of outdoor activities with children are work. They are never easy. There is always whining, bedtime battles, middle of the night screams and requests for water. Just getting children dressed with mittens, hats and snowpants becomes a real chore. Of course, packing and unpacking, planning and preparing food, and potty breaks in unsigtly restrooms cannot be avoided.

A trip like this, or any family outing, will never be perfect or even completely enjoyable. At some point I was able to accept that about my life as a parent with small children. Now, with that acceptance, I've been having a lot more fun. I just deal with the not-so-fun stuff as it comes and try not to let it drag my spirits down. It worked on this trip for sure!

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