Decortating Tips

I just found out about a decorating rule of thumb. It's the 60-30-10. In this "rule" 60% of your room should be in one color, 30% in another and 10% in accent colors. I looked around my room and happily I am reaching the 60-30% part (my carpet and walls-60 and a lot of my furniture-30). Now I just need to work on my accents. I'm still going to buy those drapes to put up for Easter. I think I'll do them in my 60% color close to the same shade as my walls (a paint color called Pita Bread). My 30% color is kind of a plum/cranberry color and I think I might use some colors out of the Van Gogh pictured above called Boats at Saint Maries for some accent colors (blues and greens)....we'll see...

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