Friend of My Soul

The best part about getting in hot tub on a cold day is just after my whole body is submerged in the hot water up to my neck. At that point, I can sit back and release the breath I have been holding and relax. It is such a wonderful feeling that only lasts a moment.

Last night I came across, in a prayer, a name for Jesus that really struck me. It was friend of my soul. When I read that phrase it was like my soul was submerged in a hot tub up to its neck and could finally release the breath it was holding and relax.

My friendships mean a lot to me. So much that they can become my biggest weakness. I put a lot of my time, thought, and worry into my friendships when I should be putting my trust in God who is the Friend of My Soul.

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  1. I'm pretty sure that you will be published one day. Thanks as always for your daily thoughts.


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