I Love American Idol

I love American Idol so much. It is so fun to watch and a time for my mind to take a vacation. While I'm watching Idol I am smiling, nervous, happy, excited and completely entertained. I don't have a favorite yet. I like all of them. Anoop should probably go, but I'm not sure who else...maybe Jasmine (except she is so cute). It might be that cute, sexy, little, guitar playing, married guy who goes home. I'm not totally into the blind guy either. He needs to do something about his hair....
When we lived in the same town as my in-laws, we would have a group of us each week watching together. I used to get annoyed with all of them talking through the performances and what the judges had so say. Now that I am alone, I miss it. I wish that my girls were old enough to watch and enjoy it with me. Maybe this year I should start inviting friends over to watch it with me. That would be fun! Anyone interested?

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