The Light of the World

We finally had a chance to have a Friday at home without lights. It was quite a nice way to reflect on Jesus as the Light of the World. It was Good Friday so many years ago that the Light of the World was brutally beat and left to die on a cross. A terrible day and yet, without it humanity would be lost in a world of darkness and of lies. Now, thanks to Jesus, we can be united again with our Creator, with Truth, with God!

My youngest daughter, almost 2, was not very happy about the lights being off. At first, she was very excited, but then she used her high-pitched little voice to repeat something about turning the lights on. She got on my lap and snuggled in tight. After our family prayer by candlelight, she decided she wanted to go to bed...a place where she felt safe and secure (with her blanket).

If only I could be so aware of the darkness and desire the Light like my little girl.

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