Love Without Judgment

Stick with me. I'm still going to go on with my "mom" reflections. It's in my "Blog Posts Pending" document. We still have company and I've had the Flu (along with my children). Not fun. We're maintaining. I've just taken all my meds so this nasty headache goes away and I'm going to have a restful sleep. (My girls are at Grandpa and Grandma's tonight!)

I'm surprised today about the response to my last post. I wrote that with a little fear. I didn't know how people would respond. It seems so crazy to talk like that when we live in this world where relativism reigns. It's a hard stand to take. However, it is one I feel compelled to take anyway. I am compelled by the Love I have experienced from God. It may seem like a "feeling" that I'm following, but it is so much more than that. I wish I could put it into words in a way that would convince the world, but I can't. It's up to each individual to be open to this Truth.

As for me, I've made my decision to follow The Way of Jesus the Christ. By doing that, it has made the difference in my life. I think a life lived as a Christian, a follower of Christ, if lived well and right, will be only loving and just to all...no matter what each person or community, or culture believes. I want to be a part of that kind of love!! A love without judgement.

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