Out Scattering Agates

I have spent the last couple days in conversation with friends. In fact, it has been over-the-top and bordering on absurd the shear amount of talking and listening I have been doing. Our company has gone and we are all on the mend from our sicknesses and I guess I'm just back in business as a gabby mom. There is no way I could keep this up and carry on with life. I'm actually surprised that the house is not falling apart and that I've managed to get my family fed! I just can't shake the feeling that each conversation has been so important to me and maybe to each person I have been talking with. I have learned so much about myself, about the world and about God from all these friends of mine and I feel so blessed. All these discussions are tucked inside my heart and I know they are helping to shape the kind of mom and person I am becoming. Life is a journey and I'm picking up agates along the way and I'll keep scattering them until I die (and maybe after that....instead of showering roses like St. Therese, I'll drop agates. hahaha).

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