Searching for the Mom in Me (Part 3)

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Once I figured out some of the things that made me happy, I started to pursue them with gusto. I was on a mission to make myself happy. I was looking for groups to join, friends to do fun things with me and the girls, activities to participate in that I enjoyed, etc. The more I looked, the more opportunities came to me. It was exciting and freeing for me to go out and do what made me feel good. However, something was still not quite right.

I finally realized, after some trial and error, that I had things mixed up. I knew the things that would help me to be happy, but I was pursuing them in the wrong order.
I was pursuing my happiness in this order:
1. Friends, 2. Faith, 3. Family

This is what I should have been pursuing:
1. Faith, 2. Family, 3. Friends
It may seem like a small difference, but it was just what I needed to feel at peace. I withdrew from a couple of the groups I had joined and started to put my focus in the right order. With this seemingly minor change, I really started to find joy in my family and in being a mom for the first time.

Now, when things start to feel chaotic and not as they should, I evaluate the order of my priorities. I like to imagine a jar. In that jar I put the three most important rocks first and in the right order: Faith, Family, Friends. Then the rest of life and things like dinner, cleaning, exercise, and all that other stuff, fill in the rest of the jar. Those rocks are smaller and can fit around the big rocks. It seems that then my life runs more smoothly and I feel pretty good about it.
(Stay tuned for Part 4!)

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