Wherever Your Treasure Lies...

I may have been very selfish and really an idiot when I used to get tired of my first child bringing me bouquets of flowers. She thought that this weed she was giving me was wonderful and such a gift and I would even refuse it sometimes. It seems now that my whole outlook on motherhood has changed and I have been anxioulsy awaiting the first bouquet. I have even picked up some little vases here and there (inspired by my daughter's Montessori Preschool...so sweet). Today it happened. My girls came through the door with English Daisies! I happily put them in my little empty vase and smiled.
It seems my darlings are always collecting treasures. I read about a neat idea to keep a "treasure bowl" available to collect all the rocks, shells, string and other wonders that make there way into the home. I may have to try that this year. Instead of being annoyed, I will try to be more open to the excitment and wonder in the lives of my children.

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