Will the Real St. Patrick Please Stand up!

Happy Saint Patrick's Day! Wow, isn't it cool to be able to say that? Today is the only day left, that I can think of, where political correctness has not taken hold...yet! Remember when we used to say Merry Christmas and even Happy St. Valentine's Day? I guess those are the good old days. It's sad really.
St. Patrick was one really cool Saint. He is the guy who is credited with converting Ireland to Christianity. The very reason this day is so popular in our country is because of our large Irish Catholic heritage.
Today is one day where I can stand proud to be Catholic thanks to the Irish and their sense of fun and good drink! I'd love to go out for a green beer tonight in thanks to God for such a great Saint.
Here is some more information from AmericanCatholic.org if you'd like to read more about St. Patrick. (The guy in the picture is from a website called IrishClub.org and the it's titled, "The Real St. Patrick."I guess he did stand up!)

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