Happy Easter! Today was a great day for our little family. We started out the morning with a very special announcement of a new nephew. I was born on Pentecost Sunday and I have always felt so proud of that. To be born on Easter is even better! It actually brought tears to my eyes to think of what a special gift he must be to our world. There were some pregnancy complications and to have him come in such a special way is very meaningful (and he's healthy). After the happy phone call, we drove into town early for breakfast. To our surprise, some people sitting near us paid for our meal. I guess they were happy about Easter too! After that, we went to Mass. Both the girls looked so darling in their pretty pink dresses, the music was good, Father's homily inspired me and the church was packed. Next was an Easter egg hunt and fun party at a friend's house and to round out a very full day, we traveled to my mom and dad's for Easter dinner and we are staying the night.

I end this day feeling very blessed and happy.


  1. A brother/sister (or in-law) with a new baby on Easter, a surprise free breakfast, Holy Easter Mass, fun for the kids, great friends and dinner with the grandparents all in one day. Indeed, you are blessed. You certainly live a grace-filled life! God Bless!

  2. Thank you. I really do have a grace-filled life. Sometimes it's hard to recognize it even when I write it all down. :)


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