And the Amercian Idol is...

I'm all for Allison. She is so cute to me and such a great singer. I also like Adam. I'm ready for Lil to go and Anoop is getting kind of boring. Danny has a great voice, but I'm annoyed with his personality. Chris is cute and sometimes sexy and Matt...well, I only like him because he's the favorite of my sister-in-law and I really like her. :O).
It was interesting to see the judges use their new special powers last week and save Matt. I think that this week, since two have to go, it will be Anoop and Lil. Unless one or both of them have a steller night, they are the most likely to get the least votes. Matt getting the least votes was that typical point that happens every year in American Idol when the wrong person is in that position (like Daughtry). He should not have been in the bottom. What will happen now is that more people will be voting to make sure that doesn't happen this week. Thus, my prediction of Anoop and Lil. Both of them have been hovering around those goodbye stools. It's time.
This is Allison.
How can you not love her?
She is only 16!!

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