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Last Sunday was Passion Sunday or Palm Sunday. It is one of the longest Masses of the year because we read through the entire passion narrative. This year we read from the Gospel of St. Mark. Any time we read from the Gospels we stand out of respect. It was a long time to stand!

During this week's Gospel I actually chuckled a little when we heard about the man wearing just a cloth. He was following Jesus after he had been taken from the garden. When the guards tried to catch this guy, they managed to get his only garment and he got away naked. I wondered about that guy. I figure he was kind of crazy like a fanatical football fan who paints his face and beer belly to show support and love for his team. This naked guy was not one of the twelve apostles because he probably lacked some leadership qualities and common sense. (If there are people with clubs taking away a man and every one else is running away, it would make sense to run away too.) What he did not lack, however, was zeal. He was the only guy attempting to stay with Jesus when all of Christ's other friends fled the scene. In fact, St. Peter, one of Jesus' closest friends and definite leader of the Church (our first Pope), denied even knowing Jesus three times!

I guess it takes all kinds of personalities to be a follower of Jesus. We all have our place no matter the amount of zeal or common sense. Some are gifted with leadership qualities and others are really great cheer leaders.

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  1. That's funny! The naked guy tidbit really jumped out at me too. I was asking myself, what made Mark put that in there? I like your take on it.


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