House Rules

I have two problems right now: 1. my children are running the house when it comes to food and TV. They love chips, candy and Scooby Doo. They will not stop asking me for those things and are even throwing tantrums to get them. It's always a big fight and it is exhausting. 2. I hate almost everything about food except eating it and I also spend way too much time watching TV or searching the internet. These vices of mine, of course, contribute greatly to my first problem.

So today, my husband and I have come up with some new house rules that we are all going to try to live by. Here's what we came up with:

exceptions: other people offer, potlucks and parties, holidays (in instances like Halloween, 3 pieces can be taken out and eaten one per day for three days), long car trips-but not too much

exceptions: sick days

I am going to try very hard to plan ahead with our food. I'm thinking I might try to divide up healthy food in easy to grab containers so if we are rushing out the door, they can be taken easily. I am also going to tell my girls that there is no need to ask me for candy or chips any longer because they should know when it is okay to have them by the rule we have set up.

Boy, do I hope this works and helps bring some sanity back to our family!!

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  1. Get ready for insanity as they will try to make you cave for a month. But stick to your guns!!! We just never have certain things in the house because we'd eat them, and we can't eat them in front of the kids, and we waste money on them, so they just don't come in the house. Then treats are more special. They will tell you they are bored, but I have to tell you, my kids are way crabbier with tv than without it. If I start the day with tv, they almost always fight all day afterwards. I love tv, but screen time does something to the brain. Read Theresa Timeo's "Noise". I think I spelled her name wrong, though.
    You go, and keep up that united front!
    Ray Guarendi is good to read, too!!


Thanks for the comment. I really appreciate it!