The Simple Life

Sometimes I dream of the day that I will be an old lady in a rocking chair looking out the window at the birds and flowers in a garden that someone else tends to. I'll eat whole wheat toast with a small glass of orange juice for breakfast and read in small doses between naps for most of the day. Then I might go out for a walk after a simple dinner of reheated leftovers such as meatloaf. After my stroll, I'll sit down for an hour of television and eat a small strawberry shortcake. I will go to bed by 9PM and probably wear a pretty, pink nightgown. Who knows, I might even put curlers in my hair and my sheets will be crisp and cool. There will be no dust and my floors will always be clean. Maybe I'll even have a lap dog. It will be a simple life. A peaceful life....A life like one I will probably never have because I would go cRaZy in the silence and simplicity!

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