Is Will Power Biased?

I was reading this blog today titled 4 Ways to Strengthen Your Will Power. I was intrigued by the title because it seems like my will power is getting weaker as I get older. However, what the author, Brett Blumenthal, had to say I found interesting. Here is an excerpt of what she (I know I've never known a female named Brett either) said:

"Every person has different degrees of willpower, and for that matter, different ways of fueling it to stay as strong as possible. For some it might be faith based, while for others it might be an ideology; and for others, it might be rooted in how they were raised. But what is interesting, is how willpower can be strong...very strong...in certain situations, and weak in others. As a result, I would say willpower is biased."

This was good news to me. I do have some very strong willed tendencies in areas such as my religion and my friendships. I don't ever let those things slide too far. If there was some way I could tap into that will power to overcome my weaknesses when it comes to eating and exercising (or cooking for that matter). I'm going to think harder about what motivates me to do the right thing and try to apply that to these other parts of my life. That is if I can overcome my lack of will power to actually implement my great ideas!

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