I've Been Holding Back

Warning: if you are not aware that I have conservative politcal views, this blog might offend you. I just ask that you don't put me in the idiot box. I think what makes America great is the very fact that we don't all agree. I am no skin head, fascist, abortion doctor murderer or Timothy McVay follower. I'm just a mom who believes in my country as a nation of strong individuals who believe in things like LIFE, LIBERTY and the PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS.

I am pumped! People are finally coming out in large numbers to protest corruption in government (what I've been mad about for a long time...since before midnight basketball in fact). For this reason, I'm glad Obama is president. He, and his cronies, finally brought us to our knees. We are scared, we are mad and we are ready for real change.

I remember back in the Clinton years when the Republicans came out with the Contract with America, I was excited and encouraged that things were going to change. I remember when George W. Bush was elected, I was excited and encouraged that things were going to change. I honestly had some hope that things might change under Obama (not a lot). All of these politicians have let me down. Come on people. We need some real Americans up there in Washington and in our state capitals.

I know there are real arguments for socializing government. In fact, it sounds really nice, but only if I can trust the government. I don’t trust the government. Not with all the power they have. NONE OF THEM. It’s not just Obama, Pelosi, Frank, and Reid. It’s McCain, Bush, Gingrich and any other Washington elite.

As for that tax cut for 95% of working Americans….we'll see how that really plays out later. Our politicians have messed up for years. Now they want us to pay for it? Get them all out and put a real American in there. I don’t care if she’s pretty, ugly or short. I just want someone who will articulate what I feel and then DO what she says. Hmmm….what a concept. It seems like every person we elect to go out there and change things gets sucked in to the mess of the politics of greed. Maybe they ALL need to go and we can start over.


  1. You go girl! Check my facebook for lots of articles today and other days. I love stirring up a hornet's nest. It's very American.


Thanks for the comment. I really appreciate it!