Jesus' Blankie

We went to the Good Friday service tonight. I was hoping for a quiet and reflective evening and instead I spent the whole time trying to chase down my toddler and keep her quiet. It was exhausting. There was one cute and funny moment, however.

At the beginning of Lent our church draped a purple cloth behind the crucifix. Our little one immediately noticed this and called it Jesus’ blankie. All through Lent she has pointed out Jesus’ blankie. Tonight, the cloth (and all other decor) was gone. She, of course, took note of this and asked, “where’s Jesus’ blankie?” We told her it was gone. Later she was down on the floor and sitting out a little bit into the isle. She started to repeat to me, “mommy, Jesus’ blankie. Mommy, Jesus’ blankie.” I kept trying to tell her it was gone but then glanced to where she was looking. Sure enough, that purple cloth had been placed in front of the alter on the floor. We hadn’t been able see it from the back of the church. :o)

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