Love and Logic Saved My Life

I was struggling, I mean struggling as a mom when I just happened to stumble upon Love and Logic. I took a class and it has changed how I parent. Life is oh-so-much better for me and my daughters because of it. I still fall into my old ways but parenting, like life, is a work in progress. I'm in the "Insiders Club" because of that class I took and receive periodic emails from The Love and Logic Institute (sounds important). This was today's and I thought it was worth passing on:

What makes Love and Logic work? Some believe it's our strong emphasis on setting limits. They think that folks who are struggling with their kids just aren't setting enough limits. Others believe that the power of Love and Logic has more to do with providing consequences for misbehavior. They think that those who're unsuccessful with kids just need to do a better job of providing bigger and more powerful consequences.

Both of these viewpoints are right…and also wrong. Limits are critical, but we'll never make them stick if we don't have good relationships with our kids. Holding youngsters accountable for their misbehavior is also essential, but have you noticed that kids just don't seem to care that much about consequences when they come from someone they don't love and respect? Everything rests on relationships. Limits gain their power from them, and so do consequences. So, if we want Love and Logic to have its full power, we're wise to do plenty of the following:

~Focus mostly on our children's strengths rather than their weaknesses.

~Smile at them as often as possible.

~Write them little notes that tell them how much we adore them.

~Greet them each day with a hug or a high five.

~Make sure that they overhear us talking about how much we love them.

~Deliver our Love and Logic with great empathy and sincerity.

I highly reccomend taking a Love and Logic class and/or reading books and listening to the CDs they produce.

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  1. I took a short seminar on Love and Logic when I started teaching preschool and got to practice it a LOT as a teacher of thirty 4/5 year-olds. I have carried the technique over to motherhood as well and even with a very young toddler it works quite nicely. Trying to get my hubby to read the book now so he'll be better at it too. =)

  2. Husbands can be difficult!

  3. I got my husband to read THIS! He said, "yes, husbands can be difficult, but I'm trying!" Which I know he is. I'm tired of a transition to a new work schedule all the time, but compared to what I grew up with, it's way, way better.
    I love your new bookcase! :)


Thanks for the comment. I really appreciate it!