Meant for This

The other day I was listening to the Catholic radio station in my car and some priest was telling the story of his call to the priesthood. He felt that the Lord wanted him to be a priest but he had a girlfriend at the time and really did not want to go down that road. However, God made it so clear to him that this was his calling that there was no way he could deny it. In the end, when he told his girlfriend she started to laugh because she felt she was being called to be a nun!

After hearing this story, I had to sit in my parked van and cry. It still makes me cry. St. Ignatious thought tears were an important indicator of God working in one's life, so I always pay close attention. (Even when it's a commercial I'm crying over!) I think the emotions I feel when hearing stories such as this are partly wonder and awe at the way God works in another’s life and partly envy. I wish my role in this life could be so clear.

As I was praying this evening the words, “you were meant for this” kept rolling through my thoughts. I am meant to be living in the town I am in, married to the man I’m married to, mother of the children I have. There is a reason, no matter how insignificant it may seem to me, there is a reason and a purpose for me. I just need to rest in knowing I am wonderfully and perfectly made. I am meant for this.

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