Temptation...Just Avoid It!!

We have a ton of candy hanging around because of a couple birthday parties we've been to and my six year old has been zoned in on it. She could not stop thinking about it. She was obsessed. I did not realize how bad it was until she asked me four times within 15 minutes after I had told her she couldn't have any more that day. Finally I had the bright idea to put the candy in a place she could not reach or see.

She was being tempted by that candy. She did not want to disobey me by asking for more and more, but she just couldn't stop herself. Once the temptation was out of sight, it was no longer a problem. Maybe that's why we pray in the Our Father, lead us not into temptation. Temptation is very strong. Not only that, it is connected to evil because the next line is, but deliver us from evil. God may actually have the best idea; to avoid temptation completely.


  1. Joey just joined in his first Easter egg hunt today at the public library. Inside each plastic egg was sweet, sugary, colorful candy! Now, this is a 21-month-old whose only exposure to candy thus far has been to have 1/2 of a spearmint lifesaver. He was immediately hooked! Luckily, one of his other current fascinations involves using Mom's or Dad's electric toothbrush.


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