Vacuuming Sin

We got a new vacuum...hooray! I cannot believe how much junk came up out of my carpet. I'm not sure what it is about cleaning floors that often gets me thinking about sin.

I often neglect sin and going to confession. I was thinking of that today as all this crazy gunk came out of the carpet. I could hear the rocks, grit, beads and bobby pins, that had worked their way out of sight, being sucked up. Sin can be like that, especially if I neglect it. Pretty soon, little bits of sin work their way deeper and deeper into my heart. Eventually I am not even aware that they there. However, they are still influencing my life. Maybe that's why Saints and other holy people go to confession so often. To keep sin from working its way too deeply into their hearts.
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  1. Wow..that's so true. I never even thought of it that way before.

  2. That is awesome! And SO IS THE MOP analogy!!!
    SAHM (the previous commenter) introduced me to your blog...I'll be back often!
    Hope you'll stop by to see me as well!
    It sounds LOVELY to live on the Oregon coast!
    God's Blessings ~


Thanks for the comment. I really appreciate it!