Yard Work and More

I'm so irritated and actually kind of relieved. I got so busy this evening with yard work that I forgot all about American Idol. I remembered in time to see Anoop...boring... I'm relieved because my fears that I will never be inspired to do yard work have been squelched. I do like it; I can do it; and I'm even enjoying it. In fact, I think I'm talking and thinking more about gardening and yard work than most other things right now. I still have a few more seeds to plant (including pumpkins!!). After I watered tonight, the girls and I sat out in the yard eating Popsicles. The rocks and leaves were glistening with the water and the smell of moist dirt was in the air. It was refreshing and rewarding.

Here are a couple more things I need to let you know:

1. We have new front door!! I'll post a picture soon. It's wonderful. It has a window to let more light into our house It is a nice update from the 1070s door we had before.

2. Tomorrow night I will be in Seattle for a concert. That's right, we are going to see The Killers!! I'm so excited. We went last December and had a blast. This time I'm going to remember my camera and my ear plugs. Don't laugh, I'm not 16 like most of the kids that will be there.

The Killers

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