Adios Allison

I was so dissapointed tonight when my favorite idol got the least votes. She really is such a great singer and so fun to watch. Some complain about her age (17) but she seems to hold her own pretty well. I think American Idol has run it's course and this may be one of its last seasons of real greatness so, in that sense, it's good that she joined the competition at the age she did. I honestly don't think this will be the last of Allison. I don't say that about too many of the idol contestants. For instance, Taylor Hicks, Fantasia, Katherine McPhee, ...where did they all go??? Allison is not like them. She has true star quality and an even truer voice and delivary.
I'm actually not too excited about watching anymore now that Allison is gone. It's been a stretch for me to watch it alone anyway. I like to get excited about things with people around. As for the contestants that are left: I like Adam and he should probably win it. Kris is good, but I think he'll be one we don't hear much from afterwards and Gokey...ugh what can I say? I've always wanted to use the word swarmy and I think he justifies that word (sorry Danny fans).
If you'd like to see Allison and some of the others without actually watching American Idol, you can go to AmericanIdol.com to watch the performances.

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