As Promised...

Our new front door!!! It is sooooo much better than our old 70s style door. As you can see, we desperately need a new light and a new paint job. However, the door change is still quite an improvement.
That's my Little Bear in her jammies looking at the current favorite DVD: Scooby Doo. Or, as she says, doody doody doo. Just so you know, I would have NEVER allowed my older daughter to watch Scooby Doo at this age. It's scary. Oh well, my littlest seems to handle it fine...although tonight before bed she kept repeating, "Tar Monster did it."
Here is the window detail. It makes a cool pattern on the wall when the sun shines through it.

Here's an extra picture of my "blogspot." This is wear I sit and type and type and type!

CLICK HERE to read one of my old posts called Doors and Choices. There are pictures there of our new interior doors.

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