Brain Freeze

After going to visit family this weekend and my little vacation in the mountains a few weeks ago, I have a zillion new ideas. My mind will not be still with plans for home decorating, gardening and yard work, upgrading and improving my clothing style, healthier eating and exercise habits, and summer adventure plans. Inevitably my brain buzzes and brims with all these ideas until I am paralyzed and then nothing beyond the day-to-day gets done. I wish I could just focus on doing one thing at a time and reach some minor goals, at least.

In an attempt to organize my life, I spent some time a while ago listing all the things I do to take care of our home and keep our family going. I put each task on a small sticky note and stuck them to a piece of cardboard. There ended up being a lot of sticky notes. My first thought was, “no wonder I can’t get anything done.” I then tried to put the varying tasks into groups such as: office work, cooking and eating, clothing organization, household chores, hobbies, etc. My intention was to set up some kind of daily and monthly schedule. It was a great idea and it sits incomplete in a pile of other tasks that still need to be completed...

Sorry about that my brain just froze for a second!

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  1. Boy does that sound familiar. If it helps, Mother's Rule of Life is a great book. Meanwhile, I think that's a never ending task over here, too, and this summer I really need to tackle it. Writing it all down helps a LOT. I'm putting up a bulletin board in our bedroom to put inspiring quotes and to do lists on. And pictures.


Thanks for the comment. I really appreciate it!