A Choice to Love

Sometimes I wonder how I can change this world. It seems so big and so off the course of goodness and love. Some believe that Satan has more control over the world and more influence than ever. I disagree. God, for whatever reason, gave us free will. We make our choices to either turn toward God and toward Love or to turn away. The first people that God created (Adam and Eve) made a choice away from Love and thus we have original sin (also known as the sin of the world). This "sin" is just the nasty stuff that goes on among humans when we chose to turn our backs on love.

God is constantly trying to draw us back to himself. If you read the Old Testament stories he reveals himself in many different ways. One of the most dramatic stories is of Moses. God actually talked to him through a burning bush, gave Moses the power to turn the sea into dry land, and even gave him the Ten Commandments. It would seem that the Israelites would have no problem being faithful to God when he had been so faithful to them, but they weren't. Before too long they were making choices away from God. I can imagine that it started small. Maybe it was just one person. Each person and choice influenced the next and eventually they started to build idols to unknown gods.

Fast forward to today. We are doing exactly what the Israelites did and what so many other generations have done before us. We choose to follow our own way, not God's way. We have our own idols such as wealth, prestige, and even sports. It's nothing new. It's no more intense or evil than it has ever been before. We are just following the typical course of humanity with a precious gift of free will.

So, back to my first question. How can I change this world? By making the small choices to turn toward Love (God). My choices and this life lived for Love will have an influence, however small. I realize how influenced I am by people, books and blogs. Each interaction, no matter how small, has its effect. If I have the courage to move toward Love it will persuade another to do the same. I can change the world for good. One choice and one moment at a time.

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