The Faith of a Child

Six and a half years ago before my first daughter was born, I had many great and wonderful expectations about being a mother. One of the most important to me was raising my little baby into a Jesus loving Catholic. From the day she was born we have prayed with her, taken her to Mass every Sunday, told her all the stories of our faith and encouraged her to have a personal relationship with Christ. To my surprise, she has persistantly resisted our promptings to lead a life of holiness. I don't mean that she is naughty or unholy, just uninterested and even embarrassed. I had always heard about the openness of a child to the wonders of God and here I had a child who would curl up in a ball and face the wall while we knelt by her bed to pray. And we prayed together every day (and still do)!

My second child, now two, is already saying prayers with us. She points out Jesus even if we just pass the church and sings with us during Mass. The other day she even gasped when she saw a statue of Mary and said "Mernie" for the first time. It is the sweetest thing in the world to watch a child light up in wonder and awe of God. We have not done anything different. Our faith and prayer practices have remained constant and yet what a difference between these two girls.

I guess I'm sharing the faith of my daughters to encourage myself and you to trust that God knows what he is doing. If we are seeking to please the Lord in our hearts and in our homes, our children will learn about his love in whatever way they are able. It may not seem like any progress is being made, but do not be discouraged. We are entrusted with these little souls but God does the real work of saving them.

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