Final Idol

I thought I'd write a quick post before American Idol tonight. I'm excited for the final, but still sad Allison is not in it. That being said, thank goodness it isn't Gokey! A friend of mine is coming over to watch with me and is even going to bring brownies. So in the next hour and fifteen minutes I need to run to the store to get some decaf coffee (who can eat brownies without coffee), clean up the house, and get the girls bathed and in bed...oh, and finish this blog? Can I do it? Yes! This is the most excitement I've had since my two year old went pee pee in the potty on her birthday!

I'm not sure who I want to win tonight. It does not really matter to me. Although, I do have to say that from the very beginning, just before the top 13 were chosen, I have had my eye on Kris. I figured he would never make it even to the final 10, but here he is at the very end. Adam has been such a favored front runner and he probably deserves to be, but it is fun to root for the underdog. In all honesty, I would not be surprised one bit if Kris took home the American Idol crown. We shall see!

Now I'm off to get that decaf coffee. One hour to go!

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