Freedom on the Farm

I am probably at the farm while this old post re-posts. The idea came to me one night when I couldn't sleep. In fact, I couldn't sleep until I had completed the thought. This, I think, is one answer to the question of evil in the world. If only we could make more choices toward love. The world would change. I believe that with all my heart.
My mother-in-law is a wonderful grandmother. All the grandchildren love her because they know they are loved by her. She lives on a large piece of property with cows, chickens, a trampoline and lots of freedom. The children go to her house and run free. However, there are a lot of dangers on her farm. There are rusty nails that get stepped on, cats that scratch, and trees to fall out of. If Grandma was not there to love and comfort the children after each fall and bruise, I am sure they would not want to go to her house any more. Yet, her love sustains them and keeps them coming back.

At the farm, my mother-in-law has set up some boundaries because there are some real dangers beyond her view. Up above the farm in the hills is what has been come to be known as the Dump Frog Pond. The children are not allowed to go up there for any reason. So far, no one has attempted to go near the ominous Dump Frog Pond. However, her grandchildren are getting older and multiplying quickly. Will every grandchild follow the rules forever or will one or two start to push the boundaries? If one starts to move closer to the Dump Frog Pond, and farther from Grandma’s house, it will make it easier for others to follow. Pretty soon, more of the children may end up closer to the pond than the source of love.

God is our source of Love that sustains us in this world. He has set up some boundaries, namely the Ten Commandments, but with his love he has also given us freedom. Freedom to move about in this world and to even push the boundaries if we so desire. And so we do. Many of us push the boundaries and end up in very dangerous places. In fact, maybe right now more people are living near the Dump Frog Pond. Some of these people may not even be aware of God and how he is sustaining them with his love.

Just as the people who chose to turn from love have persuaded many others to do the same by their example alone, maybe I can persuade others to move closer to God. Maybe that is why Jesus said to “go out and make disciples of all men.” Even though staying right by the house or even inside the house may prevent injury, I must go out and spread God’s love. If, in this freedom, I make a bad decision or sin, I can always return to God who will heal my wounds, give me some lemonade and send me back outside.

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