Life's a Beach

I used to love the beach without reservation. That was before I lived at the beach. The ocean is majestic, beautiful, awe inspring and then...the sand sticks to my shoes. On the way back to the car I start the stomping and sliding ritual. I have to stomp on the sidewalk and then slide my feet through the grass (careful not to slide through doggy doogies). Then when I get to the car, I have to take off my shoes and clap them together in an attempt to remove a little more sand. After all that, I put shoes in the trunk because there is still sand stuck on them.

If I was to compare life to going to the beach, right now I'm trying to get the sand off my shoes. I'm not finding much in life to inspire me forward. It's been rainy, I have not exercised in months, my tummy keeps expanding and it's not a baby, my personal relationships are suffering and my self esteem is sitting on the fence unable to make a decision about how it feels about me. I've been focusing on getting all this grit out and it won't seem to budge. As I'm focused on the sand, I am trying to keep in mind that the ocean is still out there and as beautiful as ever.

(...now don't get me started about sea scum on my car...)

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  1. Rust, too! Bad stuff, that.
    I wish you could have come to our homeschooling conference, even if you don't homeschool, because it's such a Catholic uplifter. How about a retreat? Can you take an overnight or a weekend and just have a yearly retreat? I hear it's good for what ails ya.


Thanks for the comment. I really appreciate it!