Mountain Top High

I’m back from my trip. It was so nice to get away. It was wonderful to wake up and not have any responsibilities. There were no diapers to change, no meals to prepare, no schedule to keep. It was just me, some great friends, exhilarating walks by the river and loads of books to read. We watched movies, drank lots of wine, and woke up to the music of mountain birds. Without the usual interruptions of my children, I made phone calls to old friends, took a bath that lasted over an hour, and went to Mass alone. It was so relaxing that I’m exhausted!


Here I am, back in my regular life. Back to piles of dishes, manic meal preparations, dust on my shelves and crumbs on the floor. It’s a good life, a simple life…a sometimes boring life. But, it’s my life and without it, my little vacation would not have been such a blessing. I’m happy to have both the mundane and the mountain top highs.

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