A Pocket of Rocks

While out on a walk today, my two year old stopped to pick up a rock. She was wearing a little orange fleece with a pouch pocket on the front. She placed the rock in her pocket and was about to catch up to me when she spotted another rock to pick up and another and another. By the time we left that spot, her pocket was completely full and bulging with these treasures she could not pass by. As we started to walk again, she realized how cumbersome it was to carry all those rocks around. Then, of course, we had to empty out her pocket before we could move on.

As I stood there watching her, it reminded me of all the images of perfection I have gathered in my mind. Images of the perfect mom, perfect wife, and perfect 30 something American woman. I have had quite a stockpile and have been working on letting a lot of those treasures go. I'm tired of carrying them all around. I want my pockets to be free and empty so I can walk freely as me -imperfections and all.

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