With Great Love

Marriage is hard. How often have I heard that? Well, it’s true. For some reason we, husbands and wives, often forget that we are in this together. I remember back in elementary school P.E. and we had to pick partners for sack races. We took the falls together and helped each other across the line, win or lose. It’s the same with business partners. They work together to make their business better because each partner knows that if one fails, they both fail.

It seems like so often in marriages, especially after children, couples start trying to divide and conquer. It might be an ongoing argument about correct discipline of children or differences in opinion over how to pour ketchup. Whatever it is, one is out to prove the other wrong unless, or until, a compromise is reached. How do we overcome this tendency to take sides against each other?

I don’t have the answer to that. I do, however, have a wonderful example of a wife and mother to follow. That is, of course, Mary the mother of our Lord. I doubt that she would ever chide, nag or try to out-do Joseph. I imagine that she was pretty wise, but I doubt she ever felt she had to prove Joseph wrong. She was secure in her love of God first. With that great Love, she was able to love Joseph and truly be his partner and together they changed the course of history.

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