Home Again, Home Again, Jiggity Jig

We made it back late this evening. The whole trip home I was thinking about all the possible blog posts I could be making. I have to admit, I was worried about losing some of my faithful readers because I just couldn't get to writing every day while we were gone. Now I'm back and ready to let my fingers fly again. We had a really nice and relaxing trip. It was great to catch up with family. All of us, however, were ready to be home. I look forward to checking out my flowers tomorrow, catching up on all my blogs, and eating my favorite cereal...that reminds me, we have to buy milk!

Soon I will share some of our photos from the trip. Until then, I thought this reflection from Bishop Vasa of the Baker Diocese (Eastern Oregon) was very appropriate for this week's Benedictine Family Tool of Love about procrastination. I read it in today's bulletin:

"Consider Stewardship: I suspect that many of us, myself very much included, would be absolutely shocked to discover just how many hours we have squandered in the past year. Perhaps these are hours spent or wasted watching mindless television, or reading pulp fiction of one form or another. Perhaps they are hours spent on phone conversations and not the relationship productive type. Perhaps they are hours spent each week on some form of recreation or exercise far in excess of that which is required or even recommended. It may not be a bad idea, in order to begin to get a handle on how well or how poorly we 'steward' our time, to do a time audit detailing how much time we spend on ourselves, on others, on the family and on God."

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