An Hour for a Dream

I'm still living off the fumes of my birthday. In fact, I am sputtering now from exhaustion. The hike alone was enough to make me sore the next day, but I also played badminton, went out past 11:00 PM and drank beer. It was all very fun, but the best part was the hike. I am so glad I started this yearly tradition. It is such a great way to celebrate a special day.

I picked up a couple friends and we drove for about an hour to the trail head (not without our coffee stop). The day was cool, as it usually is on the coast, and even though we could not see the ocean for most of the hike, the marine air drifted through the trees and kept the air moist. This hike had no grand views. We just climbed up through a forest of large trees and on the way down we walked by a few small waterfalls that made there way to a beautiful slow moving creek below. Everything was so lush and green. We could hear the low rumble of the ocean beyond our view and eventually the trail led us down to a place where we could see it. We stood in the cool sunshine, while the ocean was mostly hidden by lingering fog. We walked in the sun and looked out at the water as the trail lazily made it's way back to our starting point. The entire hike took us about 2 1/2 hours.

If I could chose where to live, I would chose a house with mountain trails very nearby. I'd have a big yard so we could have a big dog that I could take with me in the woods and I would hike every day. I can imagine the sights and smells during different times of the year. I can see the wildflowers in the spring sitting happily next to an ice-cold creek brimming with the winter run off. I can smell the hot, sweet smell of pine needles baking in the summer sun while the bees buzz in the distance. I can taste the sweat and dust that runs down my face while climbing over boulders and around tree roots. Just imagining it makes me shiver with excitement and creates a longing so deep inside of me that it spills out in tears.

Someday...(maybe)...I'll live my dream. Until then, I will try to seek out a hike at least once a year- even if I have to drive over an hour to get there like I did on Saturday.

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