In the Midst of the Storm

I have a friend who has a much better grasp of American Christian history than I. She told me the other day that the mission of the Puritans was to "purify" the world and the mission of the Separatists was to get away from the evils of the world. I found that very interesting because we have the same kind of mentality going on today in the Christian world.

With this definition, I would probably consider myself a Puritan. I send my child to public school and find that most of my friends are not even Christians. It amazes me the kind of conversations that I am able to have with my friends who are often unaware of the core beliefs of Christianity because they have never really known a Christian. I don't fear that my mind will be changed and at the same time I try to be open to others' experience of God even if they don't use the same pronouns. I also don't fear what my child is being exposed to (within reason). I am constantly there to help her to interpret what she is experiencing through the lens of our faith. It is through these experiences that she will gain empathy and love for those around her and believe me, at 6, she is not afraid to tell others about her beliefs. By sending her out, she is able to share the love of Christ in ways only she can.

As a "Puritan," it can, at times, be lonely and scary out in the world. It's like I am out in a raging storm while the "Separatists" are inside their homes eating fondue together beside a crackling fire. It would be nice if more of them would come out and help spread more of Christ's love around. I wonder how scary it was for the early Christians to go out and share the good news in their dark and stormy world? Yet, with the power and strength of the Holy Spirit, they went out in the midst of the storm until their very lives were threatened and then they went underground. Thankfully, we still have religious freedom in this country and unless that is ever lost, I'll be out in the storm wrapped in the heavy, rain coat of my Catholic faith.

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  1. AnonymousJune 07, 2009

    Helping your daughters understand their experiences through the lens of our Catholic Faith is right on the mark! With some exceptions, we cannot prevent our routine experiences in an increasingly secular world. Instead, your approach is exactly the one that we should all take. It is like trying to understand the Old Testament. At no time is that easy until we try to see it through the lens of the Resurrection. Then, it begins to make sense.

    God Bless you and your family.


Thanks for the comment. I really appreciate it!