A Knock at the Door

Just moments ago, a Jehovah Witness came to my door. They came a while back and I told them we were Catholic. In the past, that worked to keep them from coming again so I was a little surprised to see this woman at my door.

The first thing I told her with a smile on my face was, "we are Catholic so we are going straight down." She was surprised at my statement and told me that she was not here to condemn anybody but just to be neighborly. I guess she lives just down my street. I immediately recognized my rudeness and apologized. Neighbors are important. Her grey hair was fixed nicely with a headband and her now fading blue eyes looked out at me almost like a child. I began to sense that this woman was very sincere and actually very sweet.

She then began to tell me about the Bible and the stories of Noah and Moses and how God always warns his people when they are heading off course. I nodded in agreement and listened attentively. At the end of her little lesson to me I said, with real sincerity, "I agree with everything you have just said. I know we have different ideas about the end of the world, but I believe that if we are both seeking Truth we will see Jesus face to face in Heaven. I'll see you there." She seemed a little stunned and left kind of abruptly. She didn't even give me her pamphlet!

In that brief encounter I felt a connection with this lady. Her name was Judy. I hope I see her again. Maybe I'll even invite her over for tea. If not, I hope to learn all about her when we have eternity together in Heaven.


  1. I haven't had any come to my door in AGES!!! (I think my house has been blacklisted) LOL Anytime I had them come, I would invite them in, listed to what they had to say and would only take their pamphlet if they would take mine. (I have copies of Pillar of Fire, Pillar of Truth from Catholic Answers to give just for such an occasion). They would very hestently would take the material I had to offer. You could see it made them uncomfortable to do so.

    Then one week there was a WHOLE car load that showed up. This young lady came out of the car, shaking like a leaf, and up to the door. She was so nervous that I felt bad for her. She said to me "I just want to leave you this material to read" (I knew this was odd because normally they talk or quote scripture, but not that day. She said I just want to leave these with you." I took a look towards the car and could see everyone watching intently. I looked at her and sure, I'll take it, if you take mine, and held out the book I had to give. (I keep the books at the front door). She, very nervously said okay and we exchanged materials. Since then I HAVE HAD NO ONE come to my door. (Oh and I should add they windows on the car were open and those in the car were close enough to hear what was said)

    I have a feeling the car was full of 'elders'. The reason I think that is because read somewhere they could be black-listed within their own community, if they are caught with non-JW religious material. That's why I think I have been blacklisted and why they don't come to my door anymore. I had a feeling that one of the ones that came to my house prior was "caught" and the elders may have been "testing" to see what happens if they come to my door.

    My intent was never to get them in trouble with their elders. I just figured, its my home and I allowed you in my home, I allowed you to visit with me, and if you are going to leave me your religious materials then the least you can do is take mine.

  2. That was great! Amen, sister!

  3. I'm glad you found my little corner of the internet and thanks for stopping by! I know you wouldn't "rub" it in. I hope for Judy's sake everything will be okay. From what I've read it can be every hard for them to leave, even if they wanted too, because of the blacklisting that can go on within their community. Prayers for her and I do hope you run into again so you could have the cup of tea or something :)

  4. AnonymousJune 15, 2009

    I have a very different outlook on someone coming to my door to discuss religion. I speak with them and then I ask if I can pray for them and they always say yes.We may be the only person to pray for these men and women. I welcome them and I pray for them.


Thanks for the comment. I really appreciate it!