Out Stealing Horses

While I was on my vacation, my Fabulous Book Club had their meeting. I was so sad to miss it because I actually completed and loved our book, Out Stealing Horses by Per Petterson. It is a simple story of an old man reflecting on his life as a teenager growing up in Norway. His father leaves him at this tender age and it colors the rest of his life. The plot is not necessarily all that involved or even exciting, but it's the wonderfully crafted descriptions and images that make it such a treat to read. It was like sipping perfectly roasted coffee, on a quiet morning, while overlooking a placid lake (without any mosquitoes). I was overwhelmed, and in awe of, Petterson's comfortable writing style and incredible imagery. It was almost like a long, well-crafted poem (the kind that doesn't rhyme). When I closed this book at the end, I held it to my chest and felt like I was going to weep. Not because it was sad, or that the read was over, but because it was so beautiful.

I wondered if I was the only one in our book club that loved this book as much as I did, so I decided to call one of my book club friends while we were on our way to Montana. She let me know that everyone liked the book and that one of our friends said that reading it was like listening to classical music. Well said. In a few weeks we will be having our book club retreat weekend. I look forward to discussing this book some more.

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  1. So, after your telling me about this book, Holly, I got it from the library. I finished it yesterday and know exactly what you mean in terms of the description and imagery. It was beautifully written - I can understand why it won so many awards. What's interesting is how much was left untold, and yet, I didn't get frustrated by that like I normally might when my curiosity gets aroused without getting to hear the conclusions. Loved it! Thanks for the recommendation.


Thanks for the comment. I really appreciate it!